Terms of reference for the VIC Recreation Committee

The VIC Recreation Committee (VICREC) was established under the auspices of the former VIC Staff Committee, which comprised the Chairpersons of the various VIC staff Councils/Associations/Unions, to advise on all matters dealing with Club and Recreational Activities in the VIC. The purpose of the Committee is to determine, clarify and coordinate policy among the Vienna Based Organizations (VBOs) in the area of staff activities and recreation.

The Committee shall consist of one representative and one alternate of each of the various VIC Staff Councils/Associations/Unions. The Committee shall elect its own chairperson from among its members and shall establish its own rules of procedure. It shall meet as required, but at least three times per year. The Committee shall be responsible to the Vienna International Staff Association Committee, VISAC.

Specifically the Committee shall:

  1. Oversee the activities of the recognized VIC Recreational Clubs, including their commercial aspects.
  2. Act as a liaison body between the VIC Clubs/Groups/Activities, VISAC and administrations.
  3. Develop and implement procedures for the recognition of Staff Activities as VIC Clubs.
  4. Co-ordinate requests for room allocations in the Staff Recreation areas.
  5. Consider any other duties specified by the VISAC.


Guidelines for Statutes of VIC Clubs