May 2016

Click  here for the results of the 43rd Inter-Agency Games that took place in Malaga, Spain 

January 2016

The Infrastructure Committee just approved our next Clubs' Day taking place on 20 & 21 January 2016 during lunch time.

October 2015

The IAG Control Commission decided not to accept the proposal to host the IAG in Nairobi due to security issues. A new request to bid for hosting the Games has been sent out.

May 2015

Click here for the results of the 42nd Inter-Agency Games that took place in Salou, Spain

April 2014

Click here for the results of the 41st Inter-Agency Games that took place in New York

April 2013

Click here for the results of the 40th Inter-Agency Games that took place in Spain

July 2012

Complete this questionnaire and enter a drawing to win one of 100 IAG T-shirts!

May 2012

The 39th Inter-Agency Games took place 10-14 May in Biarritz, France. UN staff and retirees from all over the UN System met and got to know each other through sports and other recreational activities and thereby improved mutual understanding and work relations. They were a huge success, especially seen from the Viennese perspective: our participants were part of teams that contributed to win in almost all disciplines! One major change was agreed upon and introduced this year by the Inter-Agency Games Control Commission, and that was to expand the Games' cycle from four to six duty stations/years: Paris, Geneva, New York (new), Rome, Nairobi (new), and Vienna -- in that order. So, next year's Games should be organised by Geneva since we already started the new cycle with Paris (UNESCO) this year. Judging from the high spirits of staff after the Games, it is evident that such an event contributes to their well-being and consequently that of the organisations.

April 2012

Additional lockers were received for the women's changing room.

August 2011

The changing rooms in F09 are now being cleared on a regular basis from all free hanging pieces of clothing in order to maintain tidiness and hygiene.

22 July 2011

The 39th Inter-Agency Games will be held from 10 to 13 May 2012 in Biarritz, France - organized by UNESCO.

26 November 2010

The 38th Inter-Agency Games will be held from 13 to 17 April 2011 in the Traunsee Region in the Salzkammergut in Austria - organized by the Vienna based organizations.

9 November 2010

In an effort to reduce the clubs' imprint on our environment, and in line with the "Greening the VIC/UN" initiative, asks all clubs to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Every ACTIVE club is entitled to two distributions per calendar year
  • Club information flyers must ONLY be distributed electronically
  • Flyers may not include advertisements from external commercial entities/sponsors
  • Flyers are to be sent electronically in Adobe PDF format (and Microsoft Word format if available) to the VICREC (vicrec(a) for further dissemination within the VIC, permanent mission, and field offices. You have to send the information at least two weeks before the date you would like it to reach staff. The electronic version of your flyer will then be sent through the appropriate channels and will appear as an email and/or on your intranet -- depending on the organization.
  • The VICREC realizes that there will be other paper information flyers going around (banks, balls, medical, etc...), but we have no control over them. We hope they will in time also disappear and that their owners follow our example.

We count on your support and cooperation.

October 2010

The relaxation areas are now fitted with beds. The rooms are open during office hours and are located in F0925 (men) and F0932/34 (women).

23 July 2010

The relaxation area beds have been delivered. They still need to be built together. That should take place in the next week.

19 February 2010

The Video club was relocated to F1034

The Music club was relocated to F1043/45

The Chess and Bridge clubs were relocated to F0913

We are still waiting for the new lockers to be delivered and installed in both changing rooms!

The relaxation area beds will soon be ordered -- now that the funding issue has been resolved.

5 March 2009

All 4 VBO staff councils have now approved a €1000 loan for the purchase of new lockers for the changing rooms on F09. This money will be matched by €4000 from the Infrastructure Committee. Since it is a loan, however, staff will be required to pay €20 per year to the VICREC for their use of a locker.

1 March 2009

The Inter Agency Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC) consisting of members from IAEA, UNOV/UNODC, UNIDO & CTBTO began its work in looking for a suitable venue for the 2009 Inter Agency Games back in 2008, a bidding document detailing the various requirements for hosting the games was sent to numerous tourism offices and offers were received and evaluated.

Following inspection visits further negotiations were held in Austria and Tunisia, the IAGOC submitted its recommendation to the IAEA Staff Council (who is the lead organization) that Tunisia be the venue for 2009, unfortunately due to the phase 1 security level in place in Tunisia, the IAEA Staff Council rejected Tunisia and directed the IAGOC to follow-up its negotiations with the two remaining venues in Austria, or any other suitable venue in Europe.

The IAGOC decided there was insufficient time to begin a search for a new venue and subsequently concentrated its efforts on the two venues in Austria, it soon became apparent that due to time restrictions it would not be possible to host the games at its usual date of May/June and it was decided that taking into account the holiday season, as well as the various General Conferences etc. that the most likely date would have to be end of September beginning of October 2009.

The IAGOC is continuing its negotiations and hopes to be able to identify the venue for the 2009 games in the not too distant future.

Long live the Games!

John Young, Chair 2009
Inter Agency Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC)
Wagramerstrasse 5, A-1400 Wien
Tel: +431 2600 21248
Fax: +26007 21248
Email: J.Young(a)

25 February 2009

We are in the final stages of negotiations with the managements, staff unions/councils and BMS in what concerns the final allocation of club space on F09/10 (now that offices have returned to their predestined locations after the asbestos cleanup).

We have come up with several modifications to the signed plans from 5 Feb 2008, which means Infrastructure Committee approval is required. This approval should however not be a problem since (as discussed with the current chairman, Robert Ehrenstein) all modifications are within already allocated VICREC space.

This new plan includes the following:

  • Reallocate space for the Chess and Bridge clubs back on F09
  • Move the Music and Choir clubs to F10 -- and thereby address complaints from F08
  • Move Insurances (a commercial entity) to C02
  • Move the Video club (a commercial entity) to a non-VICREC allocated room on F10
  • Reinstate the relaxation areas.

We expect to re-occupy the two floors by the beginning of April.